Krishnaprasad, P. S.

P. S. Krishnaprasad
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Institute for Systems Research
A. James Clark School of Engineering
2233 A.V. Williams Building
General Research Interests: 
  • Geometric control theory and filtering theory 
  • Control of infinite dimensional systems 
  • Model reduction 
  • Dynamics of nonholonomic systems with symmetries 
  • Dynamical systems on Lie groups and optimal trajectory generation
  • Intelligent control architectures for complex systems inspired in part by biological paradigms such as central pattern generators, and space maps associated to auditory and other sensory modalities 
  • Learning binaurally directed movement 
  • Sensorimotor feedback in echo-locating bats 
  • Hybrid models for networks of sensors and actuators
  • Languages for motion control
  • Problems of modeling, design, motion planning and control arising in mobile robotics and robotic manipulation
  • Sensors and actuators for robotic end-effectors
  • Motion control for nonholonomic robots 
  • Under-actuated autonomous robotic vehicles
  • GPS-aided navigation of mobile robots
  • Dynamics and control of formations, swarming and related biological phenomena 
  • Acoustics and biological signal processing
  • Pursuit phenomena and prey capture behavior in nature 
  • Evolutionary game-theoretic basis for strategies of pursuit