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DCL - Robust and Reliable Research in the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences - NSF 16-137
Rolling Enhance robustness and reliability of fundamental research - Methodological development 
Biological and Environmental Interactions of Nanoscale Materials Rolling Characterization of interface between nanoparticles and biological environment - Predictive tools for nanoparticles behavior - Transport of nanoparticles - Simulations of nanoparticles' behavior at interfaces
Mind, Machine and Motor Nexus  (M3X) 9/15/2017 Intersection of mind, machine and motor
Joint NSF/NIH Initiative on Quantitative Approaches to Biomedical Big Data (QuBBD)
9/12/2017 Big Data in biomedical research - Multidisciplinary - Mathematecal, statistical, or computational approaches
10/20/2017 Measurement & quantification of biological analytes - Device & methods
10/20/2017 Research frontiers in photonics principles, engineering and technology - applicable to medicine, biology & biotechnology
Energy, Power, Control, and Networks  (EPCN)
11/1/2017 Modeling of the brain - Neural networks
Electronics, Photonics and Magnetic Devices  (EPMD)
11/1/2017 Nano-/spin-electronics - Molecular and organic electronics
Division of Integrative Organismal Systems - Core Track
1/19/2018 Developmental biology - Nervous system - Physiology & behavior