Message from the directors

Welcome to the Brain and Behavior Initiative (BBI) at the University of Maryland (UMD).

The BBI is dedicated to finding collaborative solutions to studying science's next frontier: understanding the relationship between brain function and its behavioral outputs. The BBI blurs the lines between traditional disciplines and methodologies. We create an atmosphere of integration and interdependence between the physical, behavioral, and brain sciences, and we generate novel tools and technologies for brain research.

With strong support from across our campus administration—including the Provost, VPR, and six colleges*—the BBI is a highly diverse interdisciplinary research enterprise that combines numerous neuroscience approaches with engineering tools. We just announced awards for the fourth year of our Seed Grant Program, and we are in the midst of a nationwide search for our inaugural Scientific Director.

BBI-supported research focuses the quantitative rigor and tools of STEM fields onto complex and societally relevant investigations of brain and behavior. Our research community is passionate about providing solutions to better understand the brain in health and disease. We also provide our undergraduate and graduate students with world-class education that challenges traditional disciplines, training them to become the next generation of pioneers and leaders.

We invite you to peruse the research being performed by our community and to sign up for our weekly roundup of BBI news and events.

--Reza Ghodssi, Jens Herberholz, and Elizabeth (Betsy) Quinlan, Directors

*The BBI is grateful for funding from the Provost, VPR, and ARHU, BSOS, CMNS, EDUC, ENGR, and SPHL.