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NACS Seminar: Ted Satterthwaite
Friday, February 26, 2021
10:15 a.m.
Online presentation
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Speaker: Ted Satterthwaite (University of Pennsylvania)

Title: "Large scale neuroimaging studies of brain development: Challenges and opportunities for understanding developmental psychopathology"

Abstract: Psychiatric disorders are increasingly conceptualized as neurodevelopmental in origin, and have motivated large-scale studies of brain development using non-invasive neuroimaging.  Such research provides rich opportunities for providing new insights regarding both normal and abnormal brain development, but also poses unique challenges.  Here I will review recent progress in defining the normal development of brain networks, and present data regarding how abnormal network development is associated with dimensions of psychopathology.  Furthermore, I will highlight key challenges, including individual variability, data dimensionality, data quality, and reproducibility.

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