DeShong, Philip

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences
2101 Chemistry Building
General Research Interests: 

Synthesis of nanomaterials with novel optical properties; synthesis and characterizaton of functionalized nanomaterials for applications in drug delivery, diagnostics and vaccine development; total synthesis of heterocyclic natural products, development of methodology for organic synthesis, mechanistic organometallic chemistry, synthesis of complex oligosaccharides and glycoprotein derivatives, chemistry of hypervalent silicon derivatives.



B.S. Chemistry with Honors and Special Honors in Chemistry
University of Texas at Austin, 1971. Sc. D. in Organic Chemistry (with Professor George H. Büchi)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1976. Postdoctoral: (a) Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich (with Professor Duilio Arigoni), 1976-1979. (b) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (with Professor Christopher Walsh), 1979.