Huang, Yi Ting

Yi Ting Huang
Assistant Professor
Department of Hearing & Speech Sciences
Program in Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
0141A LeFrak Hall
General Research Interests: 
  • How children process language in real time
  • How children become more efficient listeners and readers throughout development
  • Children's ability to coordinate linguistic representations in real time



Yi Ting Huang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences. She received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at Harvard University and trained as a post-doctoral fellow in Cognitive Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Huang’s research focuses on how young language learners acquire the ability to coordinate linguistic representations during real-time comprehension. She explores this question by using eye-tracking methods to examine how the moment-to-moment changes that occur during processing influence the year-to-year changes that emerge during development. She has applied this approach to examine a variety of topics including word recognition, application of grammatical knowledge, and the generation of pragmatic inferences. Other interests include the relationship between language and concepts, language comprehension and production, and language development and literacy.  She is currently a member of the Maryland Language Science Center and the Program in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science.