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Kavli Foundation to sponsor the BBI-Kavli Distinguished Speaker Series

Kavli Foundation to sponsor the BBI-Kavli Distinguished Speaker Series

The Brain and Behavior Initiative (BBI) has received a generous donation from the Kavli Foundation to sponsor the BBI-Kavli Distinguished Speaker Series. 
This series will feature invited speakers whose research strengthens interconnections to related research and educational activities on campus. After each seminar, a BBI faculty member will facilitate a discussion on the seminar topic, providing opportunities for scholarly engagement networking for the BBI community, including the Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program, the Institute for Systems Research, the emerging Center for Nervous System Injury & Neuroscience, and the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.
The series’ inaugural BBI-Kavli Distinguished Speaker on Oct. 9, 2017 will be Dr. Philip Holmes, Princeton University Higgins Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Professor of Applied and Computational Mathematics, Associated Faculty, Mathematics Department and Princeton Neuroscience Institute. Dr. Holmes will speak on “Vocal development in marmoset monkeys: neuromechanics and social interactions,” a lecture that will feature lively interactions among mathematical modeling and analysis, probabilistic methods, and biophysical data.
The BBI strongly emphasizes building a shared culture and coherent community while being true to its broader mission of connecting tools and technologies with the neurobehavioral sciences on campus.
BBI Co-Directors Reza Ghodssi and Jens Herberholz are grateful for the Kavli Foundation support. “This donation will amplify our popular and well-attended seminar series,” they said. “Our belief is that communication is the foundation of culture building.”
The Kavli Foundation sponsors Kavli BRAIN Coffee Hours at university campuses across the country, aiming to help scientists forge new professional networks, and develop collaborations with entirely new disciplines that have well-established traditions of tool development and dissemination. 

July 10, 2017

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