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Lucas, Jeff

Lucas, Jeff

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Brain and Behavior Institute
4137 Art/Sociology Building

Much of Professor Lucas's research is experimental, and he operates an experimental laboratory located in the Department of Sociology. A number of graduate and undergraduate students in the department are involved in designing and carrying out studies in the lab. Professor Lucas's current research includes projects examining (1) effects of social structure on cognitive orientation, trust, and commitment in groups in the United States and China (with Carmi Schooler and Marek Posard, funded by the National Science Foundation), (2) stigma- and status-related consequences of mental illness diagnoses (with Jo Phelan, funded by the National Science Foundation), (3) issues of leadership and innovation in a federal science agency (with Jerald Hage, funded by the Department of Commerce), (4) ways in which age, gender, and perceptions of leadership ability interact to affect the influence of women and men (with Amy Baxter, Michael Lovaglia, Christabel Rogalin, Christopher Kelley, and Shane Soboroff), and (5) how perceptions of competence influence adherence to rules, procedure, and tradition (with Wesley Huey, Michael Lovaglia, and Marek Posard).


Jeff Lucas is Professor of Sociology and Director of Research in the Department of Sociology. He received his B.B.A. in Business Administration (1992) and PhD in sociology (2000) from the University of Iowa. He joined the Maryland faculty in 2004. He teaches courses in the department on social psychology, research methods, group processes, and leadership.

  • Fundamental social processes
    • Power
    • Status
    • Leadership