Select BBI Seed Grants – Cognitive Analysis


Black men’s mental health: Healing from complex trauma and toxic environments

For black men, experiences of trauma underlie the vast majority of mental health disparities. In order to study this trauma, this study gathers an understanding of how black men give meaning trauma, assesses the ongoing stress and risk in toxic environments, and catalogs the creation of strategies for healthy resilience to toxic environments.

Cognitive and Neural Precursors to Semantic Word Learning and Math Development

  • Richard Prather, D.J. Bolger, Marine Carpuat, Joe Dien

This project characterizes the neural and cognitive processes underlying the development of semantic word learning and relational arithmetic reasoning in order to understand mathematics achievement in early childhood.

Neural representations of continuous speech and linguistic context in native and non-native listeners

This project uses MEG to study how far down the processing hierarchy predictions are propagated for non-native speakers with difficulties in language comprehension.

Biobehavioral links among social anxiety, risk-taking, and substance use

  • Andres De Los Reyes, Sarah Racz, and Erica Glasper

This project looks to objectively distinguish inhibited social anxiety from disinhibited social anxiety with the long-term goal of developing targeted treatments for anxiety subtypes.