Select BBI Seed Grants – Central Nervous System Imaging


Precision Optogenetics: msec time resolution optical imaging and control of neuronal circuits

  • Behtash Babadi, Wolfgang Losert

This project combines a novel analysis approach of calcium imaging data with the fastest available spatial light modulation approaches to achieve msec resolution of single action potentials.

Understanding the role of negative affect in psychosis using multimodal imaging and wearable sensors

  • Jack Blanchard, Eun Kyoung Choe, Alexander Shackman

This project combines cutting-edge neuroimaging techniques, wearable GPS sensors, and smartphone-based experience sampling to determine the relative contributions of anxiety-related brain circuits, sleep, and real-world behavior to pervasive negative affect in patients with psychosis.

Wireless Measurement of Neuronal Currents Using Spin-Torque Nano-Oscillators

  • Edo Waks, Benjamin Shapiro, Ricardo Araneda, Jens Herberholz

This project uses injectable nanoscale spintronic devices as a noninvasive way to measure weak electrical signals in the brain and render them detectable wirelessly outside the body.

Development of an ultra-fast 2 photon microscope by beam multiplexing: GRID Imaging

  • Patrick Kanold, Ramani Duraiswami, Nail Gumerov, Wolfgang Losert

This project uses spatial light modulator-shaped light fields as an approach for measuring and triggering of small populations of neurons in order to understand and control how the brain processes sensory information.