Select BBI Seed Grants – Behavioral Analysis


Sex differences in exercise effects on brain microvascular endothelial glucose metabolism

This project looks to design more effective exercise training for those at risk of Alzheimer’s disease by identifying a biomarker for early detection: brain glucose uptake. This project hypothesizes that brain glucose uptake from female subjects with APOE4 alleles will be lowest and that exercise will begin to reverse this effect.

Dance and EEG: Neural correlates of expressive movement

  • Pamela Abshire, Karen Bradley, Adrianne Fang, Brad Hatfield, Jonathan Simon

This project engineers an ambulatory EEG that can better account for the movement artifacts that degrade EEG measurements when subjects are not just thinking but moving—for example, when dancing.

Impact of meditation experience on the brain-body connection: Behavioral, physiological, and neural measures of stress-resilience

  • Robin Puett, Stephanie Kuchinsky

This project examines neurophysiological and behavioral outcomes in order to discover the complex, interactive processes by which meditation could impact stress resilience and to identify those for whom meditation is most beneficial (e.g., older adults).