With the power to conduct limitless imaging applications, the Bruker 94/30 offers a world of investigations into:

  • Angiography – Flow contrast and flow analysis of the velocity of each voxel for glioblastoma and aneurysm studies;
  • Diffusion – Visualization of disturbed pathology, such as in multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and stroke tumors;
  • fMRI – Insight into the brain‘s function;
  • Molecular MRI - Imaging at the cellular level;
  • Perfusion – With and without CA for tumor- detection, -neoangiogenesis, and -vascularization, and disruption of the blood brain barrier; and
  • Spectroscopy – Quantification of metabolic disorders and long term changes in metabolic processes.

BBI will be hosting an open house for this core in December 2021. More information to come soon.