Advanced Genomic Technologies Core

The BBI-AGTC makes state-of-the-art genomic technologies accessible at a reasonable cost to both external and University of Maryland researchers. Discover how cutting-edge genomic analysis can help advance your research.

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Bruker Small Animal MRI

The Bruker 94/30 BioSpec is a highly versatile preclinical small animal MRI, featuring a 30cm inner gradient diameter and an innovative modular concept for gradient and PET inserts. Explore how the Bruker small animal MRI can help charge your next translational research endeavor.

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Siemens Prisma MRI

Scheduled to come online in Spring 2022, the Siemen's 3T Prisma MRI will transform campus human neuroimaging with its state-of-the-art spatial and temporal resolution as well as new imaging modalities.

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