Supported by BBI, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, the College of Education, and the School of Public Health with a matching award from the University of Maryland Research Instrumentation Fund, the upgrade to the Siemens 3 Tesla Prisma system represents a significant enhancement in the highly dynamic field of neuroimaging, where techniques rapidly evolve. The new Prisma MRI will significantly improve the signal-to-noise ratio of acquired images and offers increased spatial and temporal resolution. Read more about the upgrade here.

The breakthrough design of the Siemens 3T Prisma offers virtually unlimited imaging and innovation capabilities, including:

  • Outstanding gradient performance – featuring 80mT/m @ 200 mT/m simultaneously on all three axes, ultra-high performance cooling, and force compensated design for reduced vibrations)
  • Fully dynamic parallel transmit for significantly higher resolution, reduced scan times and fewer artifacts
  • An RF system with 64 independent channels for faster imaging and higher SNR
  • An unattached 3T magnet; and
  • Potential to support advanced applications such as DWI, SWI, resting state MRI, dynamic angiography, perfusion, and acquisition techniques like Diffusion Spectrum Imaging.

Watch the tour below and schedule a visit to the Maryland Neuroimaging Center today.