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Newcomb, Robert

Newcomb, Robert

Professor Emeritus
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Brain and Behavior Institute
A.V. Williams 1347


    •    IEEE Life Fellow
    •    IEEE CAS Society Golden Jubilee Medal Award
    •    IEEE CAS Society Education Award
    •    Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)
    •    The laboratory "Laboratorio de Comunicacion Oral Robert Wayne Newcomb" at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid was named after Professor Newcomb (2005)
    •    Fellowship for undergraduates was named after Professor Newcomb at Pohung University of Science and Technology, POSTECH, South Korea
    •    Cited among "1000 International Living Legends" by Cambridge Biographical (2004)
    •    Awarded Fulbright-Hayes Scholarship to Malaysia (1983)
    •    Undergraduate Best Teaching Award, "Order of the Ohm," awarded by the Eta Kappa Nu undergraduates (1979)
    •    Awarded Fulbright Scholarship to Australia (1963)
    •    Editor of "Neurocomputing Letters" (2001-2006)
    •    Associate Editor of four different versions of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems
    •    Editor of the Prentice-Hall Series on Networks
    •    Honorary Member (as founder) of the governing board of the international conference "Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems" (MTNS)
    •    IEEE Circuits and Systems Distinguished Lecturer on Semistate Theory, Ear-Type Systems, and The Scientific Basis of the Gita (2001)
    •    IEEE Midwest Circuits and Systems Conference was designated, and held a special lunch, in Prof. Newcomb's honor (2000)
    •    Technical Program Vice Chair for the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, Dec. 2006, Pasadena, California
    •    "Systems Workshop on Adaptive Systems" (SWAN'06) being held in Prof. Newcomb's and his doctoral student's honor at the University of Texas, December 2006

Analog VLSI Biomedical engineering especially ear type systems and heart models) Circuit and systems theory (especially semistate theory and multiport synthesis) Microsystems Neural networks (hardware & biologically motivated) Robotics

Prof. Robert Newcomb to Lead FIRE Research Stream on Neural Systems and Neurotechnologies

The FIRE stream will introduce UMD first-year students to a brave new era in medical research to minimize the risks of, complement, and eventually replace clinical trials and animal testing.