AESoP symposium features speakers, organizers with UMD ties

The University of Maryland was well represented at the second Auditory EEG Signal Processing Symposium (AESoP), Sept. 16–18 in Leuven, Belgium.

Invited speakers with Maryland ties included Assistant Professor Behtash Babadi (ECE/ISR), Samira Anderson (HESP), and Nima Mesgarani (EE Ph.D. 2008), an associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University and former student of Professor Shihab Shamma (ECE/ISR). Professor Jonathan Simon (ECE/Biology/ISR) spoke at the conference and was member of the conference steering committee. Alumna Mounya Elhilali (EE Ph.D. 2004), Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Johns Hopkins University and another former student of Shamma, also was a member of the steering committee.

The symposium highlights research on hearing, speech and language that makes use of novel EEG or MEG signal processing. The symposium is intended to be multidisciplinary between neuroscience, audiology and engineering, bringing people from these fields together and bridging the gap between the existing auditory neuroscience and engineering conferences.

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Neuro-current response functions: a unified approach to MEG source analysis under the continuous stimuli paradigm (Babadi)

Hierarchical encoding of attended auditory objects in multi-talker speech perception (Mesgarani)

Age-related deficits in neural processing revealed for specific temporal components of speech (Anderson)

High frequency cortical processing of continuous speech in younger and older listeners (Simon) | view slides |

Published September 23, 2019